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Modern Whiskey Glass Set

Modern Whiskey Glass Set

This set of two glasses have been crafted to nicely fit the hand and cleanly hold your preferred liquor of choice. The edged hourglass shape has been refined to give your home bar a unique, conversation starter.


This piece was thrown, trimmed, and hand-signed in Irvine, California using Cafe Cinco clay, a coarse bodied stoneware. The trimmed piece was then bisque fired at Cone 5 in Laguna Beach, CA. 
During a 24 hour firing, Cone 5 clay bodies sinter into ceramics around 1900 degrees Fahrenheit (shrinking 11-12% during bisque!). The final steps include dip glazing, and glaze firing once again at Cone 5. 


    Local Pick Up, Local Delivery and Domestic shipping throughout the United States is available for this piece.

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