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Medium Decorative Vase #1

Medium Decorative Vase #1

The clean lines on this smooth piece flow naturally, and seemed to throw themselves. The open rim invites both eye gazes and flower stems.


This piece was thrown, trimmed, and hand-signed in Irvine, California using Bee Mix 5 clay, a smooth bodied stoneware. The trimmed piece was then bisque fired at Cone 5 in Laguna Beach, CA. 
During a 24 hour firing, Cone 5 clay bodies sinter into ceramics around 1900 degrees Fahrenheit (shrinking 11-12% during bisque!). The final steps include dip glazing, and glaze firing once again at Cone 5. 


    Local Pick Up, Local Delivery and Domestic shipping throughout the United States is available for this piece.

$25.00 Regular Price
$21.25Sale Price
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