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Conical Porcelain Vase

Conical Porcelain Vase

This piece was thrown, trimmed, and hand-stamped in Irvine, California using Nara5, a ^5 porcelain yielding extremely smooth textures. The trimmed piece was then bisque fired at Cone 5 in Laguna Beach, CA.  During a 24 hour firing, Cone 5 clay bodies sinter into ceramics around 1900 degrees Fahrenheit (shrinking 12% during bisque!). The final steps include dip glazing, and glaze firing once again at Cone 5. 


This centerpiece is an artist-favorite. The self-fulfilling form leaves no questions unanswered standing on its own. Glossy clear glaze throughout, accented by light brush strokes of black pronounce the clean, simple elegance of this design. 

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